Let us optimize your business


Enreach works with you to produce labour solutions that optimize your business. Before we begin your candidate search, we do our research. Understanding your job nature and company culture, each candidate’s skills and career motivations – all go towards assessing a perfect candidate and client fit. Only when we have fully established your recruitment conditions do we find the best people for the job. With our accurate sourcing in place, Enreach saves you time on job counselling and retraining.

Recruiting is only part of our service commitment. From the moment we receive your project to the end of the employment contract, our ongoing services takes care of lengthy paperwork, procedures and other details such as training and counselling. Our service staff are knowledgeable in foreign employment and can help you with permit applications, appeals, and repatriation or resolution matters. This also means ensuring each worker is well-qualified and comfortably adjusted into your company and the local environment.

To provide better manpower solution for your needs, we exercise service flexibility to the best of our abilities.

Our main source of candidates are from China, with other sources being Malaysia, Myanmar, India and the Philippines.

Enreach serves the below industries

Find qualified and skilled maintenance and repair technicians, factory workers, field operators and warehousing and logistics staff to fit your manpower requirements.
Develop your sales workforce to the next level. Positions we can provide for include retail assistants, sales associates, cashiers, front desk associates and more relating to your field of merchandise.
We can meet the growing demand for expanding food chains. Our agents are efficient at supplying kitchen crews, banquet servers, bakers, chefs, waiters and waitresses to upkeep service operations for cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars and other eateries.
Customer representatives are key in the service industry. We can help you search for skilled personnel to fill in positions such as spa therapists, customer consultants for beauty and wellness, front desk receptionists and general workers. Training services are also available for cleaner and hotel room attendant positions.
Having a qualified, skilled workforce can increase your production performance. We are experienced in the hiring process for industrial work such as food processing and the semi-conductor sector. Positions we can help with include production or packaging assemblers, room or machine operators, testers, manufacturing technicians and material handlers.

How our recruitment process works


We will establish a recruitment specifications by understanding your requirements and details of the jobs, i.e. job scopes, salary package, contract term etc.). Prior to recruitment, we will highlight the key government rules and regulations on the hiring of local/ foreign workers, such as quota and work pass requirements for hiring of respective nationality of foreign workers.


Recruitment specifications will be sent to our local agents to source suitable candidates. After first screening by the local agents, we will conduct the second phone/on-line interview with the candidates. Shortlisted candidates will be referred to final interview with the employers. Job offer will be sent to the selected candidates for job acceptance. Candidate will be briefed in details on all the employment terms before confirmation of the job acceptance.

Application & Arrival

Process of Work Permit application & approval, banker’s guarantee, arrival and pick-up, pre-employment medical check-up, thumbprint with MOM and signing of employment confirmation along with other employment-related matters. We will monitoring the status closely on each stage of process to ensure a timely. Pre-job training will be provided if needed.

Post Employment

We will assist with ongoing support should any dispute or employment issues arise.

Our services include:
Recruitment & placement services
  • Work pass application
  • Work pass renewal, cancellation or appeal
  • Worker repatriation
  • Worker replacement
Employment support services
  • Pre-employment training (mainly for services sector)
  • Worker counselling and job briefing
  • Assistance on other administrative/ad-hoc matters (e.g. bank account opening and supply of basic necessities)
  • Handling of enquiries and other issues during the employment period